With this project, the builder’s intention is to demonstrate just how efficient and comfortable a building can be. The data has shown for many years that the highest return on investment in saving energy is a thermally efficient envelope - following are the components incorporated in this building to achieve optimal energy efficiency.

The builder is striving to achieve LEED® Platinum Certification for this project. In this vein, materials for the building have been carefully selected for regional origin, low chemical emissions and recycled content. All wood for the project is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Steel members, first used to brace the walls, were later repurposed for the interior of the building, saving thousands of dollars and reducing waste. Aggregate from the demolition of the pre-existing road was recycled on site into base material for under the new parking lot.

Green Features:

  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) for the walls
  • Insulated slab
  • Cool Roof Membrane for the flat roof
  • Multiple Layer Radiant Barrier Insulation (similar to the kind used by NASA in insulating space craft)
  • Hydronic heated floors utilizing solar heated water
  • Cool outside air at night-time is pulled through building for cooling
  • Roof built with a 6 foot overhang to keep the summer sun off walls
  • Instead of conventional rolling doors used for warehouses, building has highly insulated carriage house style doors
  • Multiple skylights provide day-lighting of the whole warehouse - during the day, no extra lighting is required